las vegas

Lake Mead - Las Vegas, Nevada

may 25-30, 2022

Hey everyone back by popular demand.

Get booked soon as this will fill quick. Everyone that needs to do open waters and not freeze here is your chance. Divers that want to see some historical sites only $149.00 per day for two tank dive, but I strongly suggest the three tank dive for $199.00. Because to see just one dive site is 2 dives, and you don’t want to miss out. Plus you are already there so take advantage! Only $100 non refundable deposit to hold your diving days. Most people do two days of diving.

You will get to see a lot of the history of Hoover Dam. We will take the “Dam photo too”.

Air fare and rooms are cheap right now, so let’s take advantage!! I have some discounted pricing on rooms at a really nice resort and I am happy to book everything for you at my cost.

Dive sites

The Hoover Dam aggregate plant was left behind by the Dam workers after the the dam was complete and Lake Mead was created. This site is one of our favorite dive sites in Lake mead. Spread out over 8 acres, it is filled with train tracks, tunnels, Underground rooms, random structures, and massive aggregate piles that are the actual materials that created the dam itself!

We have created 2 different sites out of the Aggegate plant. So we can give you best possible experience out of your bottom time, The site has been set up like a rope course, or an under water hiking trail. There are green lines laid out connecting to the mooring line. The lines are at 65' so you can conserve air in the traverse time. Although all of our dives are guided, the lines are there to help you feel safe and not get lost.

1st site = The Track Hopper

Depth ranges from 85 to 100'

The track hopper was used to run belly dump train cars over it filled with raw aggregate. Brought by train from the Arizona side of the Colorado River, The aggregate was then gravity feed into square wholes under the tracks that lead to an under ground room. The underground room is connected to a 100 foot tunnel that had a conveyor belt in it that brought the raw aggregate to the crusher. The Track hopper structure is still mostly intact. What you will see is, the train tracks, the track Suport beams, the v shaped concrete structure, the squares that lead to the under ground room, the maintenance shaft, and if there is time you will see some of the buckets left behind that were used by a massive Craine to move aggregate.

2nd site = Aggregate piles

The aggregate piles site is laid out with the green lines in a square shape pattern (Just keep Turing left). The piles consisted of 4 different sizes. You will be seeing the 1st and second size piles. At the first area, we will be going over the 2nd largest sized aggregate, there you will be able to take a picture with the American flag underwater if you choose. The 2nd area is the largest pile resembling a volcano shape. The shape was created because of the collapse of the tunnel from the force of the huge rocks pounding on top of it at the time of the construction of the dam. We will then take you over to the foundation of the massive sand classifier, and the underground water tank room. We will then head back towards the mooring line up. at the end of the line there is one of the tunnel entrances, were you can take a picture or video with the hard hat wearing skeleton worker. For more experienced divers we can arrange for you to be guided into the tunnel to see one of the shaft wheels that let the aggregate fall through onto the conveyer belts.

Hoover Dam Dives on the 26 only have 7 spots remaining.

Bomber Dives on the 27 are FULL.

Hoover Dam Dives on on the 28 have 11 spots remaining.

Bomber Dives on the 29 have 4 spots remaining.

Get your deposit in soon, before you miss out on this trip!

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