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Mine Diving - Bonne Terre, Missouri

dec 4-5, 2021

***Update. Because we filled 14 spots after being posted on Facebook for less than 3 hours , I was able to call and get more spots. Call and sign up soon as the remaining spots will be filled soon. I am excited to take our group Mine Diving.***

Scuba Adventure will be taking 14 Divers to dive the Mine in Bonne Terre, Missouri December 4-5, 2021.

Cost is $90 per dive with a min of three dives.

Call 573-634-3483 to get signed up. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot. Several specialties will be offered including Mine Diver for $85.00.

National Geographic Adventure named the diving at Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri one of the top 10 adventures in America, and it’s easy to see why. Back in the day, the mine’s deepest reaches were not underwater. A massive pump sys- tem stemmed the flow of encroach- ing groundwater as the miners pushed ever deeper. But when this, the world’s largest lead mine, was all mined out, the pumps were turned off and the water trickled in to fill the void. These days, mine owners Doug and Catherine maintain a constant water level providing divers with access to their unique underwater vision.

The dive deck hovers on the water’s surface, 150 feet from terra firma. Underwater pillars, shafts, archways, walls and ceilings stretch for miles in all directions, a sprawling maze beneath the town. Artifacts like shovels, drills, ladders, and ore carts lay everywhere. You’ll also be struck by the electric- blue water, the result of 500,000 watts of high-powered stadium lighting installed by the owners West End Diving. There are more than 50 planned trails open to the public, which must be dived sequentially and the experience. Each group of divers is assigned a guide and a safety diver and the divers dive the trails in a preset sequence. The dives become more advanced with additional swim- throughs and archways to navigate as the trail numbers get higher. Under special circumstances, exploratory dives are possible here as well. Dubbed “Bear Trails”, these more advanced, guided dives delve into the unlit and underex- plored sections of the mine. Bear Trails are only for divers who prove they’ve got the skills and completed at least first 22 dives in The Mine.

This is the lure of what the Bonne Terre crew has dubbed “deep earth diving,” a seemingly endless under- ground world, frozen in time.

Anyone wanting to go we need to know if you want the mine diver certification for $85, and if you want to do 1,2 or 3 dives Sunday; if any.

Please call the shop soon as we are almost full. Please send us a check, Venmo, PayPal, or Facebook pay for your deposit or payments.

Call to get signed up soon 573-634-3483 before we are full!

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