Open Water dives at the Scuba Adventure quarry May 24-25

Night dive May 24

Mermet Springs Dive Trip May 20-21 

Advanced Diver class offered at the Mermet Springs trip

Tablerock Lake dive trip June 9 - 11

Scuba Lessons June 17-18

Open Water dives at Scuba Adventure Quarries June 19 & 20

Oriskany/Lulu dives  June 29-30.  Boat is full.

Oriskany/Lulu dives July 1 - 2

Scuba Lessons July 15-16

Open Water dives at Scuba Adventure Quarries July 17-18

Great Lakes Dives August 4 & 5

Scuba Lessons August 12-13

Open Water Dives at the Scuba Adventure Quarries August 14-15

Beaver Lake Dive Trip August 25-27

Mermet Springs Dive Trip September 8-10

Advanced Scuba Diver class offered on the Mermet Springs trip

Florida Keys, September 22-24

Bahamas Live-aboard Dive Trip September 26-October 8. Nearly full.

Bahamas Live-aboard Dive Trip October 8-18

Scuba Lessons October 21-22

Private trip booked October 28- November 4

Nitrox class November 7

Scuba Lessons December 2-3

Want to pick your own date and dive sites?  Book private ocean or lake dive charters on Jeff's center console boat!

Scuba Adventure is a full service PADI dive shop.  We are a US Divers certified equipment repair shop, with a wide selection of new and used dive gear in stock. We even have our own dive park located just south of Jefferson City  for open water diving. Additional services available include salvage recovery, equipment rentals, and air tank filling.
Come see us or give us a call. We look forward to diving with you! 

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Contact Info:

Scuba Adventure
901 Jefferson Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Phone: (573)634-DIVE (3483)

*If you would like to receive future emails as trips and classes are scheduled, please add your address to our list by sending a request to: brenda@goscubaadventure.com